Force USA Leverage Gym Copies

Force USA Leverage Gyms have arrived in Australia – I guess I should be flattered? Australia is such a such a small market for gym equipment in comparison to the world. So it just goes to show how popular the Powertec gyms have been in Australia that  Force USA have decided to take a free ride on the Powertec bandwagon in Australia.

WB-LS-B Powertec LeverGym

Powertec – Not an Overnight Success

Before you go and buy one of these Powertec copies, I would like to point out a few facts. The Powertec Leverage Gyms are the result of years of developments and refinements. Just like a Holden Commodore, Powertec makes slight changes and improvements from time to time to make the gyms better.

These copies may look similar but there are many subtle differences that make the Powertec gyms so popular. You just can’t expect to make a gym from scratch and be better than a gym that has been produced for 10 years now.

Personally this is my fifth year importing Powertec in Australia. I have only ever imported Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment. I chose to import these lines because they had a track record of success in the toughest fitness equipment market of them all – the US.

wb-ms16 Powertec Multi System

Quality Products Attract Quality Customers

As a result my business has been a success because it is easy to sell a product that is clearly high quality and functional. Plus they are backed with positive user reviews from all around the world. So it makes me wonder about Bodyworx and ForceUSA.

Both were not around when I started. I try to find more information about these brands by googling and I come up with nothing. They don’t appear to be sold overseas. As I said previously, Australia is such a small market for gym equipment in comparison to the rest of the world.

Will these companies be able to afford to provide parts support like Powertec and Ironmaster do for such small volumes? What are their warranties and will they be around to honour them? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before buying a forceUSA or Bodyworx Leverage Gym copy.

Powertec and Ironmaster Continue To Grow

As for my commitment to Powertec and Ironmaster goes, I think my actions speak louder than any words. Just check out all the information I have compiled on both the Powertec LeverGym and Powertec Multi System.

We received that many questions from our youtube channel that we realised there are a lot of Powertec and Ironmaster enthusiasts around the world. So it is safe to say we will be sticking with Powertec and Ironmaster which has been not only successful but more importantly enjoyable.

I get a great buzz from hearing from customers who love their new gym equipment. And as to the actual quality of the Powertec and Ironmaster weight training equipment. Well I think I will let the Powertec Leverage Gym do all the talking!

So just remember Sam’s Fitness was the first with the Powertec Leverage Gyms and we will be around for years to come. So if you are serious about your weight training come and see us. If you are just a pretender then go and see the pretenders – Bodyworx & ForceUSA!