Leg Extension – Powertec Multi System

Brad goes through how to do leg extensions with correct form on the Powertec Multi System. You will notice that he does not use a lot of weight in this demonstration but goes to failure. If you are doing this exercise properly and effectively isolating the quads you will not need a lot of weight.

Leg Extensions An Isolation Exercise

Personally I was not a big fan of leg extensions until I recently started getting into specific bodybuilding training. One of the reasons why was because I used to get a lot knee pain.

Like a lot of blokes I was too focused on lifting more weight rather than focusing on isolating the muscle. Yes I was lifting a lot of weight but I was not lifting it all with my quads and the end result I was just stressing the knee joint.

Matt and I only do 25kgs for 3 sets of 30 leg extensions on the Powertec gym, but with perfect form. I get nil pain in the knee and my quads are screaming at the end. We probably won’t go up in weight in the future but rather slow the reps down even further. It is the perfect warm up for some squats.

wb-ms16-powertec multi system

You can also use the technique explained in the video for leg extensions on the Powertec LeverGym and the Powertec Leg Lift Attachment which can be used on the Powertec Multi Press, Powertec Olympic Narrow Bench, Powertec Shape System and Powertec Utility Bench.

Leg Extension Variation

Another variant you can do is go one leg at a time. This allows to focus even more on isolating the muscle. Plus if you are looking to elevate your heart rate, you can go from one leg to the other without rest. This will not only get you sweating, but also give your legs a killer pump too!