Power Maxx Olympic Barbells

Just a quick word on our range of Power Maxx Olympic Barbells and why they are more expensive than some of the cheaper Olympic bars on the market. You can get Olympic barbells for under $100 these days. You can also get Olympic bars for over $1,000. So what is the reason for the big variation?

Too Many To Choose From

The barbell market is flooded. Not just in specifications, but also quality. The cheaper bars are made from cheaper materials. The end sleeves can sometimes be made from cast iron. There also isn’t much attention paid to the quality of finish.

The high-end bars are basically designed for abuse from Olympic weight lifting or powerlifting. This involves dropping the bar, with loads of weight from great heights. If you plan on doing serious, competitive training like this, you will need to buy a specialty barbell.

The Power Maxx Advantage

With so many barbells to choose from, which is best for your needs? Is there some sort of middle ground.

Our range of Power Maxx bars are somewhere in between. The bars have solid steel sleeves that are finished with polished chrome. They have deep and consistent knurling for gripping heavy weights. They are perfect for the serious weight trainer who has a Power Rack and wants to do some serious lifting.

Power Maxx 7ft 1500lb copper bush bar

Personally, I use the Power Maxx 1500lbs 7ft Olympic Barbell, not because I lift 1500lbs, but because the bar is a bit thicker than a standard Olympic barbell. We have been using the bar for years, just doing our normal sort of training and it is still in great nick except for the inevitable scratching – which I think adds to the aesthetics! If you are not sure which bar will best suit your needs, just let us know what you are aiming to do and we will happily advise.