Personal Training Gym Myaree – Inferno Fitness

For a Personal Training Gym in Myaree you can’t go past our good friend Brad, from Inferno Fitness. Whether it is personal training, or you just want a gym to train in the Myaree area, Inferno Fitness has got it all covered.

Brad has been buying gym equipment off us for many years. He recently added some items like the Barbarian Power Cage System plus many of the Barbarian Single Station range. The end result is he has got a real gym with a real old school appeal.

personal training gym myaree

Combined with Brad’s 20 years in the industry, you will have all the necessary tools to meet your fitness goals. He specialises in fat burning, strength and conditioning plus CrossFit.

Also on Brad’s team, is our other good friend from the Myaree area, Brad Turnbull. Having spent a fair bit of time with Brad over the years, I can tell you that I have not many who are as passionate and knowledgeable about bodybuilding as Brad. Brad’s advice is very simple and straight forward – but highly effective. Here is a classic video of Brad on arm training.

So if you are tired of being just another member at a corporate style gym, or not getting results from your current personal trainer, then go and check out Inferno Fitness in Myaree. I can vouch for these guys passion for the fitness game, and know that this gym would have a great atmosphere and environment. Yes they are serious into their training, but they are also very laid back and friendly. If you are out of shape, don’t feel intimidated, I know these guys will take you under their wing and push you to achieve your best.