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You don't need to enjoy looking tanned and oiled blokes in budgie smugglers to have an interest in body building. If you are currently weight training with a view to improving your body shape you are doing a form of bodybuilding. We will providing information on natural and non tested bodybuilding federations. These bodybuilding resources will provide some valuable information for your weight training. Plus provide some much needed motivation - especially for those training in home gyms

The IFBB Australian Championships 2007 was an awesome bodybuilding show. Work unfortunately got in the way on Saturday and I missed the whole day. To make up for it I went to both the pre judging and finals on the Sunday.

The Aussie titles on Sunday would have to be the best bodybuilding competition I have been to so far. The level of competition in nearly all the divisions was outstanding.

Alright Sydney bodybuilding fans, here is your chance to see a great show at the Castle Hill RSL on Sunday 27th September. For all you weight trainers who think bodybuilding is all about getting on the juice, you might want to check this natural bodybuilding show out. Building Muscle Naturally This event is natural and […]

Now that I have reached the ripe old age of 33 and recently left behind my childhood years I am keen to have a serious go at bodybuilding training. I have trained with weights for ages, but never really had a go at building muscle mass. My weight training was mainly just targeted at keeping […]

We had the privilege of having Toney Freeman signing autographs near our stand at the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix in Melbourne. The poor bloke was knackered from competing but was more than happy to sign autographs for hours. A lot of athletes could learn some valuable lessons in humility from bodybuilders – in a […]

There is no getting around it – Lee Priest is a freak, with arms that are routinely voted the best in bodybuilding. In his DVD, Lee says that he has aimed for the freakish physique. He can cross that off the list because he is most definitely a unit. Lee Priest and his Freakish Muscles Whenever […]

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