Weight Training Programs

Ok so you have gone out and purchased your gym equipment and set up your home gym. What next? Here are some basic weight training programs that can be performed on basic home gym equipment.

Here is my Sunday Special for the week. It utilises two of my favourite pieces of gym equipment - the Powertec LeverGym and Ironmaster Dumbbells. Now I only had 45mins including warm ups, so I had to go hard.  1) Incline Leverage Bench Press supersetted with One Arm Dumbbell Rows 2) Lat Pulldowns supersetted with Dumbbell Clean and Presses 3) Incline Dumbbell Flys supersetted with Leverage Prone Rows. I probably did 3 warm up sets on  the first exercises with higher reps. Then I moved to approx. 4 sets aiming for 10 reps. Since I don't have..
What next! This is for my old mate Jayse “Big Fella” who just recently purchased a Powertec Multi System.  He wants to know what is the best way to tackle his new home gym. Well I have been asked this question so many times. My philosophy on weight training, like a lot of things in life, is to keep it simple. Instead of complicating things, just get the basics right and work hard at them.   From my years of experience with seeing customer’s progress, if you complicate things it just makes it harder to follow. I have witnessed firsthand some great..
Now here is different style of workout for you all. I have done it twice now and it is definitely one of Funk's best!!! One of the purposes of the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell workout series was to expand the traditional weight trainers horizons. Funk's MMA style workouts are a break from the traditional set, rep structure of bodybuilding training. The previous workouts incorporated traditional exercises into the high volume format. Now the dumbbell carry workout adds another twist with some different carrying movements. These not only keep the intensity up between exerci..
Well you have tried Funk Roberts Ironmaster Dumbbell Workouts, now it is time to mix it up with the Ironmaster Kettlebell Handle. If you have the Quick Lock Dumbbells, these videos will show you how this addition will add great variety to your weight training. I had never tried Kettlebell training until Ironmaster bought out the kettlebell handle. I had more gym equipment than time to train so I did't think I would get into kettlebells. How wrong could I be! The Ironmaster adjustable kettlebell system worked out perfect for my home gym. Well I do't really have a home ..
Here is the next in the series of Funk Roberts Ironmaster Dumbbell workouts. This is a lower body workout that will change your opinion of training legs with dumbbells. I remember when I first got my Ironmaster gym equipment all those years ago. I was a bit lost when training legs. After years of training in the gym I really only used dumbbells for lunges. Barbell Squats, leg press, leg extensions and lying leg curls were the mainstay of my workouts. So when it came time to train legs there was a bit of head scratching. The trick I have learned is to super set or even giant s..
For those of you who followed my initial Recession Buster program that was designed for home training where you only have basic gym equipment, here is a refresher to keep you going. It is still a two way split but I have tweaked it so you can push that little bit harder for greater gains. Here is the original Recession Buster Program.  I do the program on the Powertec LeverGym and the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells There are two workouts. We alternate between the two workouts over a fortnight. Week 1: Monday Workout A Wednesday Workout B Friday: Workout A Week 2:..
A good way to set up a strength program is to use your own body weight (BW) as a reference point. For example, if you weigh 80kg set up your program as such. Bench press 30% of BW x 15 reps - 50% of BW for 10 reps - 75% of BW for 5 reps. Now do body weight for 2-3 reps in power lifting style. Each workout add another power set with additional 10-20% more weight on the bar and do 2-3 reps. Do this workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Once you can no longer add more weight and sets, start doing back off sets. What are back off sets? I will outline these in the example below..
Here is the weight training article for the Feb 2009 Newsletter. It was written by yours truly and is part of a series of more advanced workouts for people that are training in their home gym with limited gym equipment. I am going to do a series of programs based around basic gym equipment. If you already have a home gym you can incorporate these into your training. If you are thinking twice about forking out for a gym membership this year, these basic programs may work out cheaper in the long run. I am currently doing this program on the Powertec Leverage Gym with the Ironmaster Qu..
Here is the Training Article that was featured in our Jan 2009 Newsletter. This is follow up to the Summer Training Program Brad did previously. Check it out SUMMER SHAPE UP Program by Brad Turnbull Just a carry on from our last summer shape up program, I want to give you a look at how I workout in summer for size. In the original summer shape up program it was more for keeping form and shape to the physique but this program allows for gains in size and strength to be made. In Australia we know it gets hot - very hot! So the last thing we want to do is be hitting the weight..
Here is Brad's Summer Weight Training Program that featured in our Oct newsletterIn the winter months you should have been focusing on basic movements eg bench press, squats, rows etc. using as much weight as you can for 6-12 reps. Your training should have been centred around 3-4 training sessions a week, hitting each body part only once a week. Here is a program that you can work on over summer. Now it is time to enjoy the outdoors and take up the advantages that summer brings, but also still hitting the weights to maintain your strength and muscle mass. The way I achieve thi..
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