Australian Made Gym Equipment – Coming Soon!

Just thought I would share with you some pictures of some Australian Made gym equipment we are working on. We get asked often for Aussie made equipment, but with complicated machines like multi gyms it is impossible to compete on price with China. So we decided to get the ball rolling with some simple designs – things that we want to incorporate into our own training.

Here is a great little wall mounted weight plate rack designed by our good mate Graham. His home gym is bursting at the seems so he needed to come up with an innovative way to store weight plates.

Weight Plate Rack

It is also a great way to store weight plates close to your machines or power rack.

Wall Weight Rack

We thought it was time to get fair dinkum with our very own Australian made farmer’s walks. So we came up with these………

Farmers Walk

For my home gym, I am very restricted on space – I have got none! So i thought a wall mounted chin up bar bolted outside would be one way of getting around my problem.

Wall Mounted Chin Up

Built for Aussie Conditions

Since I was going to bolt something to the wall, I might as well get some dip handles too while I had the drill out! They will be built with Australian made steel too. For the outdoor versions we will look at finishing them off with a weather proof galvanised finish. We modeled these roughly off the dip handles on the Powertec Power Rack

Wall Mounted Dip Handles

We also have a neat punching bag bracket too. Plus I have just sent off a design for a hex trap bar too.

Hopefully we should have some pricing and availability details through very soon. If you are interested in Australian made gym equipment just let us know. The more interest we get, the more products we will look to make.