Back in Black – Powertec Power Racks

We have finally got our hands on a heap of jet-black Powertec Power Racks.

Powertec has been selling these as fast as they can make them. They are back-ordered in the US but Sam’s Fitness is loaded! It has taken a while but we finally have the new jet black Power Rack in stock. Everytime we have placed orders for these, they have been on back-order.

The new colour has proven more popular than expected. Add that with the great value these units offer and you end up with a fast-moving item.

Complementary Equipment

Powertec has carried the jet-black over to the Lat Tower Option and the Powertec Utility Bench. When combined together this home gym set-up, it looks pretty smart.

So if you want a great value home gym set-up that looks sharp, you can’t go wrong with this jet-black power cage.

Powertec Power Rack