Lee Priest’s Home Gym – Powertec & Ironmaster

Lee Priest’s home gym is now set up. He has returned to live in Australia after living in the US. We heard on the grapevine that Lee was having a few dramas training in his gym – the same problems we have all experienced over the years.

The Gym Is His Office

But unlike us mere mortals, it is critical that Lee trains hard because it his living. The gym is his workplace. So when Lee can’t get on gym equipment because the gym is busy, it is going to have an impact on his performance . It was time to get Lee Priest a home gym.

bodybuilders showing their physiquesPlus I imagine that Lee would get asked a thousand questions when he is training. Being such an approachable and down to earth bloke he would take the time and answer all these questions. So it is a wonder that he gets any training in at all.

Lee Priest The Home Gym Veteran

Lee had been sponsored by Powertec in the US previously and had a home gym set up that he trained on for pro shows. And even the Olympia. So he knew the Powertec gym equipment back to front. It was great to hear stories of how he took it to the extreme and beyond. So when Lee said he was interested in setting up a home gym in Australia, we were only too happy to oblige.

Having Lee train on and endorse Powertec and Ironmaste would have to be one of the highlights of being in business so far. I knew the equipment was good. Having one of the world’s best bodybuilders train professionally on the equipment just proves that the Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment is the best bang for buck out there.

Lee Priest’s Home Gym Set Up

Lee has the following set up: Powertec Multi System, Powertec Lat Machine, Powertec Power Rack, Powertec Compact Leg Sled, Powertec Shape System,  Powertec Leverage Pec Fly Delt,  Powertec Hyperextension/Roman Chair,  Powertec Leg Lift Attachment,  Ironmaster Super Bench, Power Maxx 10 pair 5kg-50kg Fixed Dumbbell Set,  Power Maxx 1500lbs 7ft Olympic Bar with thrust bearings. Plus heaps of Olympic Plates!

Obviously this is a bit of overkill for the average home gym. You could easily scale this down to a level that would suit a competitive amateur bodybuilder. So don’t think you need all this gym equipment to reach your peak.

Remember Lee is a pro and the last time I had spoken to him he hadn’t a day off training for a couple of weeks. Plus he sometimes trains up to 3 hours per session so he needs a lot of gym equipment.

Keep an eye out for more updates on Lee’s progress. We will have more info on his new Powertec and Ironmaster home gym. We should have some video footage of him training the house down on his new toys soon.

Lastly I would like to thank Lee for this opportunity to show that the Powertec and Ironmaster fitness equipment is the best bang for buck in the Australian market. If you are a serious weight trainer and thought that Powertec and Ironmaster were just another cheap home gym brand then this should change your mind. If it does the trick for Lee Priest it will work for us battlers!