Powertec Power Rack Spotter Bars by Ironmaster

The Powertec Power Rack does not currently have a spotter bar option like the Barbarian Power Cage Spotter Bars. We have had many Powertec customers inquire about such a solution and after some playing around, we came up with an alternative.

We have managed to fit the Ironmaster IM2000 Spotter Arms to the Powertec cage. They actually end up fitting very nicely and almost look they were built specifically for the power rack. There is only a slight modification you will need to make—or we can do it for you if you let us know.

The IM2000 spotter arms are designed for the 50mm x 50mm IM2000 guide rails. Since the guide rails have a protective coating, the spotter arms have nylon inserts. Once these are removed, they fit snugly over the 60mm x 60mm Powertec uprights.

Connecting the Ironmaster Spotter Arms

The only tricky part with this process is accessing the screws. Access is pretty tight. We used a Phillips head screwdriver drill bit on a ratchet. If you don’t have this sort of gear we can do it for you prior to sending out.

powertec power rack spotter bars

If you are going to use these on your Powertec Power Rack, please use your brain. They are rated for 500lbs, so I would dial that back since they are not specifically designed for this particular rack.

Plus, you will also note that the spotter bars extend beyond the base of the power cage so don’t have a lot of weight resting at the very end of the spotters as your power rack may tip, especially if you don’t have the lat pulldown option. This is just common sense. If you are unsure, just chuck some 20kg weight plates at the back of the rack to counterbalance this.

You can see from the construction of these spotter bars that they are pretty damn solid, so they will do the job if you need to squat outside the rack or do overhead presses.