Sam’s Fitness New Gym Equipment Shipping Rates

With the price of nearly everything going up these days I am pleased to announce that we have been able to reduce the shipping rates on a lot of our pieces of fitness equipment. Some smaller items have gone up unfortunately but the majority of gym equipment has been reduced or maintained.As you could imagine weight training equipment is not the cheapest thing to ship around Australia. However we have managed to increase our gym equipment sales to negotiate better rates with transport companies. Customers in Perth, Darwin and Hobart will notice much cheaper rates. If you are looking at purchasing multiple pieces of gym equipment please call our toll free number 1300 790 432 or Contact Us and we will be able to prepare a quote which can further reduce your shipping charge. Unless you are in the middle of nowhere, we can have your weight training equipment to your door within a 3-4 working days. Shipping to Sydney and Melbourne can sometimes be done overnight so you do’t have wait weeks to have your home gym up and running. Even remote deliveries are mostly done within 5 working days. Thanks, Sam.

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