Spud Inc Australia Products Australia

We got our first shipment of Spud Inc products in Australia and we will be getting more over the coming weeks. My first impression was WOW!.

Durable and Comfortable

Spud Inc have really nailed getting the right nylon webbing. Seeing the sort of things the Spud boys do with their products I obviously knew that the webbing would be strong. But what really suprised me was how soft it was to touch. So when it is tight on your skin it won’t tear into your skin like other nylon or leather products.

Deadlift Belt

The webbing is perfect for the deadlift belt application. Normal leather deadlift belts can be brutal in the wear in phase. Whereas the Spud belt is ready to go straight out of the box. I believe they get even better after wearing in. Plus they are dead easy to tighten too!

But the product that really caught my attention was the sled pulling belt. I thought this was a really great idea. Mainly due to its simplicity in solving a common problem, getting in and out of a harness for sled pulling. Previously we were just pulling the sled with a strap and our hands. But we really wanted to up the weight for our circuits and pull them. But getting in and out of a harness would throw our circuits out when working in groups. So the Spud sled pull belt made life a lot easier.

Just like ourselves, the Spud Inc boys are not backward in coming forward in churning out training information for their products. We are on the same page as far as trying to come up as many different exercises as possible with each piece of gym equipment. Plus these boys are serious lifters so it is good to see their stuff cop an absolute hiding!

So we can’t wait to get stuck into the training with the Spud products and come up with own exercises too! We are aiming to become Spud Inc Australia – not just selling their great products, but also play around with them in the gym.