Adrians Megatec Power Rack Gym

Adrian has just set up his Megatec Power Rack Gym in his brand spanking new shed and has got many years of solid weight training ahead of him.

megatec power rack gym

This is what Adrian had to say –

Hi guys,

after ordering the equipment from you I have built this shed and just set the rack up yesterday.

I’m very happy with how it’s turned out, thanks for the great advise and service from Francis and Matt when I came up from Melbourne too.

Merry Chrismas!

What was great about this story was that Adrian actually flew up from Melbourne to check our equipment out. Adrian wasn’t impressed with what the Melbourne fitness equipment market had to offer so he thought he would see if the stories were true about our great range. So he booked some cheap flights. We are only 10 mins from the airport, so it is no drama for us to come and pickup/drop off.

Needless to say he flew back a true believer.

The Megatec Rack is easy to fall in love with – it is a heavy duty power rack at a great price – plus it has got some great features like multi grip chin up bar plus awesome j-hooks.

Once you have got yourself a solid power rack with a quality pulldown attachment, all you need to make the perfect home gym is a set of quality adjustable dumbbells. For this job, there really is only one choice and that is the Ironmaster Quick Lock dumbbells.

If you can’t train hard and get results with this kind of set up, you would really need to take a good hard look at yourself. An old time lifter would compliment you on how your handbag matched your dress if you told him that you couldn’t build muscle in Adrian’s shed. I love these set ups because you are forced to train using all the old favourites that have stood the test of time in the gym.

So a big thanks to Adrian for taking the punt and flying up. We are really working hard to make our showroom the best display of QUALITY gym equipment in Australia. We have got nearly every machine on display – just double check before you fly across the country – so come in and throw some weight on and have a play!