Another Happy Customer for SA.

Mark from Pt Lincoln wanted to surprise the missus with a birthday present, but left his run a bit late. We managed to get it out the door quick, and needless to say Mark will be in the good books…..

Hi Matt,

It arrived this morning! I can not thank you enough!!! The missus will be stoked on Sunday when she discovers it set up in the shed Hahaha.

Again mate, thank you and I’m sure I’ll be purchasing from you guys again (got a powertec lever gym years ago and have loved it).


99% of the time, we can get your orders out the next door the next day after receiving them. Admittedly they are then in the lap of the transport/courier goods, but we use tried and trusted services so they are normally pretty good. Any fitness retailer telling you they are perfect is pulling your leg.

But unlike our competitors we will go the extra mile if there is an issue. Since we have been with our various carriers for many many years – some over 8 years – they do go out of their way to keep our customers happy.

However if you do want something on a particular date, the earlier we get the order the better.

As always if you have any questions about the transportation of your gym equipment, give us a call or shoot us an email and we can discuss the best way to go about things. Also before you purchase off another website we also encourage you to compare shipping rates, we know some companies do gouge a bit extra from their freight to cover cheap upfront prices.

In the past we were always in stock, but our range is massive now so we have the occasional out of stock. If there is something you are interested in just let us know and we will take your details.