Arnos Powertec Power Rack System Gym Review

Arno recently got himself the ever popular Powertec Power Rack System home gym with loads of extras on the side. Here is a short review that Arno sent through.

Thanks Francis

Really Appreciate the great service.

I’d also just like to say I’m very happy with everything I ordered all the equipment works great, everything that I ordered was delivered and super fast delivery.

HIGHLY recommend to anyone, best equipment I have used, its all solid and great movement specially on the pully systems. I have honestly never felt a good pully system as good as the Sams fitness system outside of a local gym.

Seriously Great equipment!

Thanks Again

Regards Arno.

On top of the basic package deal, Arno grabbed some extra Olympic weight and one of our 60kg adjustable dumbbell sets to enable him to vary it up with dumbbell work.

Another handy addition, that adds an endless number of exercises is the PT4Pro Suspension Trainer. These are great for a home gym, but sometimes shunned by the old time trainers because they think that they are a trendy fad. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. They allow you to use your bodyweight on nearly all bodyparts and the stabilising taxes your muscles like crazy. Definitely well worth a shot.

Throw in the mandatory Powertec Curl Machine Accessory, some curl bars and cable attachments. You have got the makings of a complete and heavy duty home gym.

Last and by no means the least, if you are reading this review and are trying to make a decision about a power rack system with a cheaper version in the mix – please take note of Arno’s review of the Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Option. This sums up the machine perfectly. It is just as good as any high and low pulley that you will find in a gym.

Cheaper units might feel ok when doing some tricep pressdowns, but load it up and they feel like garbage on some heavy seated rows. Then the cables start crapping themselves along with the pulleys. You end up spending the same amount as the Powertec one, but have had to train on inferior equipment in the mean time.