Arrans Powertec Power Rack System Gym Review

The Powertec Power Rack System Gym is one of our most popular free weight training packages, and for very good reason. It is A grade quality, and gives you the perfect free weight training set up for your new home gym.

Hi Francis.

The gym came today. I just wanted to say thanks for your awesome service.

And the power rack is so freakin cool. Quality is top notch and it’s even pretty easy to assemble.

I’ll definitely be back for some more gear later in the year and I’ll tell all my gym mates about you and sams fitness.

Thanks again


A big thank you goes out to Arran for sending in the feedback, especially since he was one of our many interstate customers that don’t get the opportunity to eyeball the gym equipment prior to purchase. After selling so many of these quality power racks, with so many reviews out there it isn’t much of a gamble these days.

Plus there are loads of videos of these power racks copping an absolute beating so you can see for yourself they are up for anything the serious trainer can dish out.

Our free weight training packages give you all the necessary gear to get the ball rolling if you are contemplating setting up your home gym. These are all you need to do some serious training at home. Yes there is an initial outlay, but you will have this gear for many years to come and get some serious use out of it.