Free Weight Power Rack Package Review

Our Free Weight Power Rack Package is based around the Powertec Power Rack, FID Bench, barbell and weights. It is one of our best sellers for obvious reasons – there is just so much you can do with this simple yet highly effective equipment.

As I have mentioned on many occassions, not all Power Cages are made equally, and the Powertec set up certainly makes an impression once it is set up.

Here is what Brendan had to say:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say I received and assembled everything on Monday. It’s really awesome! Hopefully I’ll be ordering more plates in a few months 😛

Thanks a lot!


For experienced weight trainers the number of exercises on this type of combo is limitless. One of the best parts of home weight training is discovering all the different types of movements you can perform. 

Sadly the rise of the commercial gyms has sent many classic exercises to the pages of history. But now with people growing discontent with the corporate gym scene a lot of these old classics are coming back into fashion.

The beauty of a lot of these old types of exercises is that they are more taxing than the machine equivalents that you would find in a gym. 

So if you have been training in a commercial your whole weight training life, look up some old weight training books or jump on YouTube and explore all these old classics. Weight training in the early days was all about improvising with basic gym equipment. There is nothing like showing your mate a new movement that really hits the spot.