High School Gym Review

Here is a review of some Powertec Gym Equipment that was supplied to a Sydney High School.

Durable And Affordable Equipment Only

When purchasing gym equipment for a school it is important that it can withstand the rigors of extensive use, require little maintenance, is simple and safe to use and be at a decent price!!!!The Powertec Workbench Multi System, Vertical Gym, Power Rack and Power Lever have exceeded my expectations. They are the most popular additions to our gym. The flexibility they offer allows for a full body workout within a limited amount of space. I have no hesitation recommending this equipment. Troy Weeden, Ashcroft High School, NSW.

High School Gym

Commercial Quality

Although we don’t advertise the Powertec gyms as commercial gym equipment, they frequently get used in light commercial activity. A high school gym is probably a perfect example of such use. The kids will be shown how to use the machines properly, as well as being overseen when they are using the equipment.

These environments are perfect for Powertec. The schools generally have limited budgets and space so that is one box ticked. Plus more importantly the machines like the Powertec Multi Gym are extremely safe to use so you won’t have young blokes trapped under barbells while they are trying to impress their mates on the bench press.

Plus with weight load capacities of 500lbs the machines can stand up easily to the weights that some of the big units in schools are throwing around these days.

If the school does have a athletic weight program. Students can do serious barbell strength training with this cage. The Powertec Power Rack System comes with spotter bars so you can bench safely with heavy weights. This is perfect for schools who are implementing strength and conditioning programs for their sporting teams.

Power Rack