Home Gym Advice Review – Powertec and Ironmaster Dumbbells

Here is some feedback that Matt has received from Nick about his home gym advice. I didn’t deal with Nick personally but I know he is a good bloke because his gym set up includes three of my favourite pieces!

Hi Matt, Firstly I’d just like to say a big thank you to you for all your help and home gym advice. You’ve been terrific answering all my questions, and extremely promptly too I might add. I’m really enjoying working out with new Powertec gear and mixing it up. It’s amazing just how versatile this piece of equipment is and the extra videos you guys have posted on your website just get me even more motivated. I’m very impressed with the Ironmaster Dumbbell set as well, this along with the Powertec Leverage Gym is a great offer. Well done. Cheers Nikos

Powertec Leverage Gym

Powertec and Ironmaster Home Gym Advice

The Powertec Leverage Gym and the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells go together like beer and footy.

This combo allows you to do so many different exercises that you will never have issues with variety. Get any bodybuilding book to see all the exercises that you can do with dumbbells. Although we greatly appreciate Nick’s praise of Matt’s Home Gym Advice, it is pretty easy.

When setting up your home gym you can’t go wrong with good quality products that are functional. The quality and functionality of Powertec and Ironmaster products is what sets them apart from the rest of the market.

Go to our Powertec Leverage Gym videos and see just some of the things that you can do with this multi gym. Lastly Nick also got the Ironmaster Kettlebell Handle. This rounds out this home gym perfectly. You can add kettlebell training to your weight training program which will greatly improve both your strength and stamina.

Adjustable Kettlebell