Megatec Power Rack Review

Megatec Power Rack Review by James – thanks a lot mate for sending the pics through. Bang for buck, the Megatec Power Rack delivers a comprehensive list of features that the competition just can’t match. No wonder it is getting rave reviews.

James had the following to say about his latest additions to his gym………..

G’day Matt and Francis,

Thanks again guys for a fantastic sales experience, you made picking the right rack so much easier.

As you know there is a fair bit of rack product on the market and your products put them all to shame. I’m extremely happy with my Megatec purchase, for the space available to us it’s the perfect fit and the features are fantastic.

I’m attaching a couple of photos for you, we’ve given it a good thrashing and it doesn’t budge a bit.

Thanks again. Have a great week


megatec power rack review

As you can see from the picture, James is tight on space – like everyone in Sydney these days! But the Megatec Power Rack System has a very compact footprint for a power rack + lat option combo. Just because it is compact doesn’t mean it can’t take a thrashing like James pointed out.

As a matter of fact, we all had to do a double take at the picture above. In this picture, James’ set up looked a lot like the Barbarian commercial power cage. It is a great shot by James, and captures the similarities in construction of these two great racks.

megatec power cage review

When comparing these racks to the competition please bear in mind all the features – premium j hooks, gravity lock spotters, 50mm hole spacing, multi grip chin up bar & dip bars. Plus when you add a lat option, you are getting a quality piece, not some trashy bolt on that will crap itself with more than 40kgs.

But most importantly you are getting quality German design. This gives you a compact rack, with the features just listed at a very reasonable price. So for the sake of an extra $100, don’t settle for 2nd rate gym equipment.

Thanks again to James – now keep thrashing that rack!