Review of Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells and Super Bench

This is a great Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell review. Combined with the Super Bench, the dumbbells are handy to have even if you do train at the gym. There are many occasions when you don’t have time. Here is what Paul had to say:

Paul’s Review

Hey Sam

Just a quick word of thanks for your great service. Fast and reliable!

The Ironmaster Quick-Lock dumbbells are perfect. I’ve seen cheaper versions as well as similarly priced adjustable dumbbells with plastic knobs. I’m so glad I went for the Quick-Locks and their obvious quality. I have a fully equipped gym at my work place.

The Quick-Lock dumbbells and the Super Bench I bought from you set up at home for days that I’m not at work. I can work every body part with them and I’m enjoying home workouts more than workouts at the gym.

The Super Bench is really solid and the adjustments make it the ideal partner for the Ironmaster dumbells. Your package deal was awesome!

Looking forward to adding on some Super Bench accessories soon.

Regards Paul

Adjustable Dumbbells & Bench To Compliment The Gym

What makes this Ironmaster dumbbell review so good, apart from the fact that Paul says the Quick Locks are the perfect adjustable dumbbells, is how he uses them. We have had several customers who do this – buy a set of dumbbells and an FID bench – despite the fact that they may already have a gym membership or train somewhere else.

Many moons ago when I was training at a gym, I often missed workouts because I didn’t have time to drive to and from the gym. If I had some gym equipment at home I could have squeezed in a workout.

IM QLDDB45 Ironmaster Dumbbells 45lb kit

Now the beauty of having the Ironmaster dumbbells and Super Bench for this type is arrangement is that they take up hardly any space, yet pack in so much versatility. The bench has multiple adjustment angles and the dumbbells have so many weight combinations. As Paul mentions above you can work every body part.

But even better, if you want to add some more variety to your home workouts you just need to add one or two of the Ironmaster attachments. They won’t take up much extra space and are great value too.