Powertec Power Racks Never Die

Powertec Power Racks never die, they just get better with age! Big thanks to Alan for sending in a pic proving that Powertec is the best quality power rack in Australia.

Alan’s power rack is circa 2008-9, so it would have seen a solid 6 years of service at least. These power racks, along with the high and low pulley attachment, simply do not wear out. I know this to be a fact as my own personal power rack system is even older than Alan’s.

In Alan’s case, he is that confident it will last a long time as he has invested in the Powertec multi-grip chin-up bar, which gives him plenty of variety with his bodyweight training. If you look closely, you will also note that Alan has added a set of the Powertec gravity lock spotter bars to the mix.

We will be adding more to our range of Powertec power rack attachments shortly so you can keep freshening up your home gym. A lot of people with old Powertec racks ring us up and ask whether they should upgrade to a later model or Barbarian cage. My answer is simple—I haven’t!

My trusty old cage is still doing the trick, so I just couldn’t be bothered going through the time and hassle of building a new rack and offloading the old one. I will still be doing the same training.

So if you have got an old Powertec set-up lurking in your home gym, send through a pic to us. The new gym equipment is great, but just like cars, I think the old stuff gets better with age. Just like me!

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