Rowans Barbarian Pro Functional Rack Review

Big thanks to Rowan for posting this Barbarian Pro Functional Power Rack review on our Facebook page. I count myself very luck to be working in an area where I have a passion. But equally as important, I am so lucky to have great customers like Rowan.

Huge thank you to Sam and the team at Sams Fitness; incredibly helpful and patient in helping me choose the right equipment for me. Your professionalism and genuine helpfulness is incredibly rare in this business. Barbarian Line equipment is hands down the most sturdiest and rugged brand of equipment I have come across. You won’t be disappointed! No need to spend thousands more on American name brand equipment.

barbarian pro functional rack review

When Rowan initially contacted me, he was interested in some of the ATX Power Racks, as they had weight plate storage. When I found out it was for home use, I said that they were overkill. Even the humble Megatec Power Rack has some great reviews but I suggested that he check out the Barbarian commercial power cage. People who have dealt with me in the past can vouch that I will always try and steer you towards the most affordable option – that is the accountant coming out in me!

Rowan mentioned that he had been checking out some flash US power racks, so I could tell that he was after something really special for his home gym. That is when he bought up the Barbarian PRO Rack.

I guess this is one of the biggest disadvantages with the Barbarian/ATX/Megatec ranges. People in Australia just don’t know about them! You see we are so heavily influenced by the USA, and it is easy to forget about Europe. It is hard to follow some European social media because it is in different languages. So there isn’t a lot of buzz around the IFS brands in Australia compared to some US ones.

But just like nearly everything else the Germans design, they lead the world. In the case of the Barbarian PRO Functional Rack, you will get the features and durability of similar US racks at a fraction of the price. In the case of this rack, the money has been invested in packing it full of features – the most solid dip handles, three chin up options, gravity lock spotters, spotter arms, 2 pairs of j-hooks, the best resistance band pegs around, barbell storage, band/chain storage – the list goes on. The rack is certainly not flash in appearance, which is often the German philosophy for these sort of things – why make it look pretty when it is built to abuse!

And Rowan’s home gym is the perfect environment for such a beast of a rack.

barbarian pro power rack review

You can tell from Rowan’s set up that he takes lifting seriously – and heavy! The mural just looks amazing. Combined with the un-cluttered and ultra neat layout, this is a real jaw-dropper. Clear proof that you don’t need a garage stacked with equipment to have a prestige home gym. When you are lifting heavy, you don’t need to have equipment to work bodyparts 20 different ways.

So thanks again to Rowan, and to anyone else wanting to know anything more about the Barbarian Line range just pick up the phone or drop us an email. These are big purchases and for customers out of Sydney it is our job to walk you through the process. So fire away with as many questions you like.