Shannons Ironmaster Gym Review

Shannons Ironmaster Gym Review warmed my heart. As a fellow member of the over 40’s club, it is great to hear another old fart who is loving their training now just as much as they did in their glory days. Even more importantly after Shannon’s review of his Ironmaster products, I am stoked that we are making that experience even better.

This is what Shannon had to say…..

I’m loving the Ironmaster gear. I’m 42 yo and been doing different types of weights and resistance training since I was in high school.

I just bought a small one bedroom apartment and really had to look at upgrading my old gear (rusted weights and bars etc, large benches etc) so I could still fit some real training gear in my new home.

The iron Master bench and dumbells solved this issue perfectly – to have such versatile and quality gear that only takes up such a small footprint when stored is amazing really. I mean, to be able to do weighted chins on a bench attachment chin up bar (?) is just amazing.

The dumbells are excellent quality and very easy to use. I had my last set of cast iron weight plates for 20 years and I can see that I too, will have these dumbells and weights for as long as I can still train… 😉

Thanks again for keeping it real mate – if I make anymore equipment purchases I’m sure they will be from you…

cheers Shannon

Shannon got the following from the Ironmaster range – quick lock adjustable dumbbells + add on kit, weight training bench, chin up + dip + crunch + leg attachments & the Ironmaster EZ curl bar.

Now for you young folk, who have known nothing but your fancy corporate gyms, would probably be saying “How can you train without Hammer Strength brah?” Well before Hammer Strength, Instagram & Facebook some of the most impressive physiques were built using nothing but very basic gym equipment.

As 16 year olds, a gym membership for people of Shannon and myself’s vintage and older was a small fortune. So we made do with whatever we could get our hands on. There was no youtube, so you learnt exercises from books and magazines. Plus you experimented.

I pity weight trainers that never went through this phase. You missed out on half the fun of training! Trying to figure out different ways to hit body parts with minimal equipment. Still to this day, even with a warehouse full of gym equipment, I am obsessed with figuring out new exercises or variations of exercises.

So in Shannon’s case, with his equipment combined with his years of experience, he will never run out of things to do. You just have to sometimes think outside the square.

Take legs for example, some trainers wouldn’t know what to do without a leg press. When our twins were born, I had less equipment than Shannon, and came up with this simple workout and sent it through to Funk Roberts.

This was an absolute killer – great for cardio too! If I had the leg extension attachment that would have destroyed my legs after doing this workout.

So if you are tight on space like Shannon, but not sure how to train with minimal equipment just let me know. I love this stuff, and can give you so many ideas on what to do. Plus there is so much information out there – just do some research and you will be blown away. This type of training is great and delivers results. Plus if you change it up, it never gets boring – unlike waiting on some dickhead to get off his phone while taking up a machine in the gym!