Steves Powertec Leverage Squat Calf Review

Here is Steve’s Powertec Leverage Squat Calf Review, he gave Matt a bell the other day and was pretty stoked with his recent addition to his home gym. So he sent us through a short note on his Powertec Leverage Squat Calf.

Recently purchased the PowerTec Squat Calf Machine and have been using it for about 6 weeks now and it is by far the best leg machine I have ever used. I have had other leg press machines and have done free weights squats for many years but the results from this machine are outstanding, fast and safe.

There is no lower back or knee pain with this machine which makes it perfect especially if you’re a bit older!

It was so easy to put together and Matt at Sams Fitness was extremely helpful plus having machines already put together that I could try before I made my decision gave me great confidence I was selecting the right machine for me.

This machine allows a full range of movement while still delivering a proper squat workout. The squat/Calf machine deserves a 10 out of 10 rating.

Although there have been many positives out of the free weight training revolution associated with the growing popularity of CrossFit, Powerlifting and Strength training, one downside is that some people have the belief there is no room for any form of machines in the gym. However this free weight only thinking has reached its peak and people are starting to see the benefits of a quality leg machine in the gym.

There is no denying that barbell squats is the king of leg exercises for some people, but definitely not all. Some people experience pain when squatting – yes they might have form or mobility issues that can be addressed. The trouble is finding someone suitably qualified to address the issues. Once you have found them there is considerable time and investment required to commit to training. Once you have done all that you find out you don’t like doing barbell squats all the time!

The big advantage of the leverage squat exercise and why a lot of personal trainers like this machine, is that gets you into a really safe position to do squats with ease. As Steve points out, it easily eliminates the stress on the lower back and knees, and transfers the tension on the quads. It also allows you to go deeper and over time you will improve your squat depth. This improved flexibility transfers over to the barbell squat if you are including them into your leg workout, or want to do them at a later date.

But I guess the bottom line is always results – and you can see Steve is pretty happy in that department. If Steve’s word isn’t enough, maybe Mr Universe Lee Priest might convince you…….