Powertec Lat Tower Option Review

Here is testimonial from one of our customers Graeme from Canberra. He already had the Powertec Power Rack and decided to step it up a notch with the old Powertec Lat Tower Option.

Powertec Lat Option Review

This is what Graeme had to say:

Hi Matt,

Goods arrived this morning. Set it up this afternoon and then did a workout. Great service and quick delivery.



Now I above I mention “old” Lat Tower Option. By this I am referring to the P-LTO model that was designed for the P-PR Power Cages (pre – 2010). What is the difference?

The P-PR had holes drilled vertically on the top, rear cross member. The P-LTO boom sat on top.

Powertec Lat Tower Option

While the WB-PR10 & WB-PR11 Power Racks both have the rear cross members drilled horizontally. The WB-LTO10 & WB-LTO11 booms then attach horizontally.

The P-LTO may still be available in the US, but I think they won’t make anymore. But of course I secretly stashed away a few so there are still plenty available in Australia. So if you want to add seated rows and lat pulldowns to your workout, you can always add this option on at a later date.

Even if you miss the boat and all the P-LTO’s in the world are gone, you will still be able to retro fit a WB-LTO11 to your P-PR Power Rack. All you need to do is drill some holes horizontally and you are sweet.

Both Lat Pulldown options have pretty much the same running gear – so you won’t know the difference when you are using them. They both take a lot of weight and maintain a silky smooth action.

The Powertec Lat Option is a feature in my gym. I use it most workouts. It feels great, just as good as any similar machine in a gym. You won’t be disappointed adding this to your power rack.