Testimonials – Cons Home Gym

Check out Con from Tassie’s Powertec home gym set up. Don’t get me wrong. Your normal Powertec Home Gym set up which is based around a LeverGym or Multi System is impressive. With either of these machines alone I could be satisfied.

However some people like Con just like to show off. Like a lot of other home gym fanatics I am grateful he does. His set up is probably making you drool….

The Ultimate Powertec Home Gym

Con has gone all out when setting up his gym. He has got a nice mix of some machines and free weights. Even better he has got gym equipment that can hit all the body parts. Even the most advanced trainers would be able to train in Con’s gym.

Cons Home Gym

You can’t ever go wrong with a power rack. It is a home gym by itself. You can hit all body parts with multiple exercises. I can personally vouch for this. This exact machine is what I do the majority of my training on.

Powertec Power Rack

The Powertec Leverage Squat is a great way to add some variety to leg training. It is also a great standing calf raise. Don’t listen to the barbell squat police. We know this is not as good as barbell squats in many ways. But in other ways it is better. Any squat is better than no squats. And this machine is one of the best ways to perform one of the best leg exercises.

Powertec Leverage Squat

Last but not least a trusty T-Bar row is always an old favourite for back.

Powertec T Bar Row

Con’s Review

Anyway this is what Con had to say about his gym: Hi Sam Here are some pics of my gym. The gym equipment is great. All it needs now is a rack full of dumbbells. Regards Con

Con is obviously a man of few words. But his pictures tell the complete story.