Testimonials Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells

Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells


Very pleased with the Ironmaster Dumbbell set. Very well made. Even down to the cabinet construction, built to last.

Will certinaly shop with you again

Kind regards

Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells


Just wanted to update you on everything regarding the quick-lock DBs.

They arrives tuesday morning around 10am (Very impressive!) and I’ve had three workouts with them since. Took a little practice getting the weights on and off quickly, but I’m doing well now. They do everything they promise, and I’m very happy with my purchase. The handles have awesome grip on them, and I discovered the handles are thicker than my others. This really gives my forearms and grip a killer workout. Expect me to purchase the expansion kit sometime down the line, thought it might be quite a while.

Thankyou for all your assistance with my purchase.

A very happy customer


Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells

Sam, I just wanted to say thank you for your service in regard to my purchase of the Ironmaster dumbell set.

The dumbbells are better than I thought they would be, and my wife has no problems with the changing of weight and loves the fact that they do’t take up too much space.

I will definitely recommend my friends and clients who are looking to set up a home gym/studio to give you a call.


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