Lee Priest Shoulder Workout #4 – Rear Delts on Shape System

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This really illustrates some of the great gym equipment that’s been available in the Powertec range of fitness products over the last decade. On this occasion we’re using the Powertec Shape System here which is no longer available, however features like this are included on the Functional Trainer (made by Barbarian Line if you’re really looking to take it to the next level).

These truly multi-functional home gyms are some of the best tools a home bodybuilder could ask for. The quality exercises that can be performed for chest, shoulders and arms make them a great investment and they take up much less space than your normal cable crossover. The addition of a bench press then allows for hundreds of other great exercises, especially useful for your wife or girlfriend who may prefer cable movements over barbell exercises.

Here we see Lee Priest demonstrating his rear delts routine, the fourth exercise in his shoulder workout video series.