Funk Roberts MMA Circuit Workout

Here is another one of Funk’s MMA Workouts. All you need is the Ironmaster Dumbbells, Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell, ab roller and skipping rope.This workout is specifically tailored for MMA training. It incorporates 5 workout stations that are completed in 1 minute each with no rest. So that is 5 mins work, just like a MMA round.

Now you are probably saying hey I have got no plans of jumping in the octagon so why do I need to train like a MMA fighter. The answer is simple. This training is highly effective and most importantly I find it enjoyable and challenging. I ca’t stand traditional cardio like treadmills, exercise bikes etc so this is the perfect way to get a cardio vascular workout with some strength and conditioning work thrown in for good measure. This type of weight training is great to mix in with your traditional weight training. It is great to give the joints a break from the heavy lifting. Also you can knock these workouts over in no time – under 15 minutes if you just do 3 rounds

Adjustable Dumbbells Kettlebell