Cardio Workout Timer – Boxing Timer iPhone Application

I have been changing my training a bit lately with the help of my new favourite cardio workout timer. The weather has been so nice in Sydney. I have been training a bit in the backyard at home with my Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells and Ironmaster Kettlebell Handle .

Plus I have also recently acquired some state of the art cardio equipment for my home gym – a skipping rope. With just these simple pieces of equipment I have had some absolute killer workouts thanks to my new favourite toy the iphone……

Cardio Workout Timers – Too Many To Choose

With the kettlebell training and skipping I was looking at some way of timing my workouts. I tried a few workout timers and they were ok. But once I found Boxing Timer I knew I had struck gold. There is so many different ways you can customise timing of rounds. So you can split a round to do say kettlebell swings and skip rope then have a timed rest before starting again.

You can listen to your music whilst all the action is going on to distract you from the pain. You will hear bells sound over the music. I liked this type of training so much I even do conventional weight training exercises to timed rounds too. So I don’t bother counting reps or sets.

Instead I just perform my movements at a steady pace. I found this training very refreshing. It is great being outdoors plus the higher volume gives you a great cardio vascular workout too. Give it a try.

You don’t need a lot of gym equipment either. You could just use a barbell and some light weight plates. Throw in some push ups and you are laughing. I will put up some sample workouts shortly. In the mean time if you need any assistance just send me a message and I will only be too happy to help.

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