Ross and his Home Gym in Tasmania

Thanks to Ross from Tassie for sending in some pics of his home gym. Tasmania is one of my favourite places on Earth, I just love the scenery. But Ross’ gym certainly would drag my attention away from the beautiful country side!

home gym equipment tasmania

As you will see, Ross has a better equipped home gym than a lot of commercial gyms. He has carefully selected all the pieces so they work together.

barbarian gym equipment tasmania

Ross has obviously got plenty of room in his shed, so he has opted to go with the single station machine route. Plus I also like the fact that he has picked some quality leg gym equipment, with the Barbarian Leg Extension/Leg Curl plus the Powertec Leg Sled. Combined with squats on the smith machine, plus barbell squats, you will be able to really work those legs!

powertec gym equipment tasmania

Ross has shouted himself some nice specialty machines in the form of the Barbarian Line T-Bar Row and Biceps Blaster. Plus a rack of Power Maxx dumbbells give him yet another way to hit all the muscle groups.

Best of all Ross and his son are giving the gym plenty of work – and who wouldn’t if they had this set up in their backyard.

“Hello Frances

Here are some pics of our new gym…it’s got that industrial look. We’re very happy with this set-up, not bad for a country hang

Thanks again mate for sending the replacement back rest, it is appreciated.



Ross was telling Frances that some his mates bought Harleys and only get to ride them a handful of times a year. On the other hand, Ross is out playing in his gym every week. So tell me, who is getting better value for money?

Thanks again Ross, it was a big leap of faith to buy all that gear without trying it first. But when you go with Barbarian, Powertec and Power Maxx, like thousands have before, there is no real risk.