Tysons Powertec Power Rack System Gym

Tyson recently sent through some pics of his Powertec Power Rack System Gym – a sweet home gym featuring some Powertec goodies. Here it is:

Tysons Home Gym

Tysons Yellow Powertec Power Rack System

Tysons Powertec Gym

Tyson’s Powertec Leverage Squat Machine

This is what Tyson had to say about his home gym: –

Good afternoon Sams Fitness

Firstly thank you for the great quality gear and excellent customer service! My home gym is completely kitted out with the powertec range. From full rack to benches to almost all the attachments now.

I am currently in the market for a GHD or roman chair and I was wondering if you had access to a product or are able to sell one? I had a good look through the website however, and was unable to find one.

Thanks for yor time I really appreciate it and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards Tyson

Just one quick look shows how well-loved Tyson’s gym is. Plus, it has hosted some serious training.. I’d choose Tyson’s gym over a modern-day corporate gym any day of the week

With just some basic and heavy-duty gym equipment, you can train for years without ever getting bored. I highly recommend using a combination of a power rack system and a leverage squat machine. The squat machine gives you a really good variation to barbell squats.

To some the lack of dedicated machine stations is an issue. They have never trained outside a corporate style gym. To a garage gym enthusiast with a free weight fetish, we see nothing but endless exercises.

Tysons gym is going to get even better once his new Barbarian Glute Ham Developer arrives 🙂

Thanks for sharing Tyson.