Leg Machines

Push your legs to their limit.

There is no need to skip leg day when you have so many different leg machines to choose from!

Free weight squats are a fantastic way to build bigger and stronger legs, however not everyone enjoys doing them.

Whether your primary goal is to build legs like tree trunks or to isolate a specific muscle group, you will find a leg machine to suit your needs.

Quad Quad/Ham Glute Quad/Calf Calf

  • Certified for commercial use
  • Heavy duty quality
  • Compact footprint
  • Safety mechanisms
  • User-friendly design
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Showing 1–12 of 15 results

Compound Stations

Leg presses, hack squats, and belt squat machines are the most popular ones from this group. They are designed to target the vast majority of the muscles in your legs which makes them perfect for anyone who is looking to replace squats in their training routine.

Traditionally leg presses were expensive and bulky, which made them appeal only to commercial gyms and studios.

With the rise of popularity in home gyms, gym equipment manufacturers introduced many domestic market-oriented stations such as 45-degree leg presses, compact leg sleds, and standing squat calf machines.

Something that people tend to forget is that a leg press is not limited to just a single exercise. These machines have been made to be multi-functional. ATX® Leg Press/Hack Squat for example, also comes with a dedicated calf raise station. If three exercises would not be enough, you can always change your feet position around to activate different muscles in your legs.

Isolation/Specialty Leg Machines

Our leg machines are everything you need to complete your leg day. They will do a fantastic job taking your workouts to the next level by strengthening the muscles which may require additional attention.

If you happen to have some extra space in your gym, consider filing it with one of these stations.

ATX® Leg Extensions have to be one of the most popular machines for isolation work. Not just because it is a great workout finisher, but also because you can switch between exercises in a matter of seconds. Its adjustable pads will help you to get into the optimal training position.

You can also have a look at Glute/Hamstring Developers. Strong posterior chain muscles are a must for any athlete who wants a healthy lower back and lifts heavy.

Sissy squat and seated calf raise single stations are extremely compact and robust. It makes them ideal for anyone who wants a separate leg training machine that would not take up too much of their valuable space.


These smaller functional equipment will save you money and space.

Calf blocks can be used for both seated and standing calf raises. The ATX® Calf Block can be taken apart and the squat stand block can be used to reduce ankle mobility issues in squats.

ATX® has released a squat harness attachment for their racks (it is suitable for other racks with similar specifications as well). Leg Master Rack Add On is designed to decrease the stress on your shoulders and lower back while still delivering the same results as conventional squats.

If you are lucky enough to own a multi-bench, you can convert it to a fully functional leg extension/leg curl machine. Leg Lift Attachments have been engineered to give you the same quality and feel as the standalone stations. The only downside compared to a single machine is that it can get a little bit time-consuming when taking it on and off.

BodybuildingFrequently Asked Questions

How much does a Leg Press Machine weigh?

A leg press machine is generally very heavy. Their actual weight will depend on the brand and design. The ATX-BPR-790 weights a whopping 265kgs. 

The reason a leg press weighs so much is because it is an exercise that you can push a lot of weight. Therefore, the machine must have an adequate structure built out of quality materials.  

What muscles does Leg Press work?

The leg press is designed to work the quadriceps muscles. The quads are a large muscle, so you need to work them hard to stimulate muscle growth. As such you will also engage the gluteus maximus when you are pressing hard. 

To a lesser extent the hamstrings, abductors and calves will also be engaged. The leg press is regarded as a compound exercise as it requires multi joint movement. Your hips, knees and ankle are all moving during the leg press. So, the muscles throughout the leg all get involved. 

Are all Leg Press machines the Same?

Leg press machines are most definitely not the same. They differ in design and quality. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the exercise and machine you must pay for a good one.  

The leg press is the exercise a lifter can generally lift the most weight. Plus, the weight is pushed to roughly shoulder height – requiring a solid support structure. So, it is not a stretch to think this machine is not going to be cheap.  

A cheap leg press can suffer from many issues. Range of motion, poor movement on cheap rollers or bearings and a lack of adjustability. They do not feel like they are targeting the quads or could be straight out dangerous. 

If you can’t afford a quality leg press, I suggest you stick to squats.  

How heavy is a Leg Press machine without Weights?

Depending on the design a leg press without weight can weigh up to 70kgs. The carriage on the ATX-BPR-790 tips the scales at 68kgs. This does not mean you are lifting 68kgs when the leg press does not have weights. You are pushing the weight on a 45-degree angle.  

Therefore, don’t worry about what the carriage weighs. Just count the weights that you have on the machine.  

Is Hack Squat same as Leg Press?

They are similar, but they are not the same exercise. First, the Hack Squat engages more muscle groups than the Leg Press. As the weight is supported by your shoulders, you will be activating your core more than when you are doing a leg press. 

The range of motion is much better on the Hack Squat. On a Leg Press you can only go as deep as the part where your thighs meet your gut. If your Hack Squat Machine has the necessary range of motion, you can go “Ass to Grass” if you have the flexibility and strength.  

You can lift more on the. the Leg Press up. The weight on a leg press traditionally moves on a 45-degree angle.  Most hack squat machines have a steeper incline which will make the load heavier. Also remember that you have move your own bodyweight on the hack squat too. 

The leg press is a great leg exercise for beginners. Some would say a safer alternative to the traditional barbell squat. The Hack Squat is generally used by more experienced lifters. The best choice will just come down to your training goals.  

Are Leg Presses Safe?

Once the leg press machine is set up correctly, leg presses are a safe exercise to do. But like most equipment, the setup is key. You will need to adjust the seat to make sure it is in the right position. Also, the foot plate if you can.  

You should be comfortable in your seat and not over stretching or feeling cramped. Try to keep your hands on or close to the safety spotters just in case you need to pull them.  

Make sure you go through some warmup sets to ensure the seat and footplate are correctly positioned.  

The leg press is an exercise that you can lift a lot of weight, especially if you are cheating. By cheating I mean using poor form where you are not focussing your effort on your quads. Not only is the dangerous and can lead to injuries. It is counterproductive. You leg press to work your quads. 

A true Iron Warrior will not boast about their leg press. Their legs do all the talking. So focus on form and be safe.  

Do Leg Curls make your Bum Bigger?

Leg curls primarily target your hammys. If you are wanting to pack on some size to up your twerking game you will need to prioritize exercises that target your glutes. 

Leg curls will help create strong legs. They will activate your glutes to a degree. Even if you are targeting your glutes, including leg curls will assist with your overall leg development. 

What do Leg Curl machines target?

Leg curl machines are designed to target the hamstrings. Contracting your legs at the knee is done using your hamstrings. When you are seated or lying it targets the hamstrings further.  

What does Hack Squat Work?

Hack squats work the quads and glutes primarily. However, since your whole leg is involved, you will also recruit your hamstrings and calves.

If you do not go below parallel, you will mainly use the quad muscle. However, if you go DEEP, you will really engage the glutes. Big Wesley explains why going ass to grass is the best way to fully develop your legs.

Are Hack Squats bad for your Knees?

No hack squats are not bad for you knees – IF YOU PERFORM THE EXERCISE WITH CORRECT FORM. Hack squats are good for your knees because you are working all the leg muscles in unison – just like when you are walking or running.  

Normally the advice I would give is to perform the exercise with no weight first. If you experience no pain during or after the exercise, then just add a little weight. Stop if you feel pain. But if the opposite is happening – you start feeling stronger – the exercise is working. 

However, starting with no weight on a hack squat machine can be difficult. The carriage on a hack squat machine can be heavy. In the case of the ATX-BPR-70 the carriage with no weight plates weighs 68kgs!  

Don’t despair! ATX have included an ingenious spotting system that utilises resistance bands. This allows you to reduce the effective weight of the carriage. You can make the carriage weightless if you so desire.  

Are Leg Extensions bad for your Knees?

Leg extensions not bad for your knees. They are one of the best exercises that you can do for knee health. But you must do them properly.

Performing exercises with an extremely heavy weight and poor form would be certainly bad for the knees. Leg extensions are not a mass building exercise like squats or leg press. You want to focus on using the quads primarily, and this is done by using controlled, focussed form.

Here is a great video of Lee doing leg extensions. This workout was done before he won the Mr Universe in 2013.

Can Leg Extensions replace Squats?

Whether leg extensions can replace squats will all depend on your training goals. If your goal is to get big and strong for some athletic activity, then the answer would be no. Watch an athlete who trains for strength and power. They will do leg extensions, but their leg workout will most likely revolve around squats.

However, if you have an issue with your legs that requires you to develop strength specifically in the quads, leg extensions are much better than squats. My meniscus was pinched when my kneecap partially dislocated. This was because my vastus medialis (or tear drop) fatigued. So, I needed to specifically strengthen this muscle. Leg extensions was one exercise utilised. I did not do squats in the rehab process.

The reason most people ask me if leg extensions can replace squats is because they do not like doing squats. They are hard and gruelling work. If muscle grew like weeds, we would be all walking around looking Bigg Matty Gee. Muscle and strength are built from hard work.