Spud Sled Strap with Powertec Lever Gym

Now a lot of times we post some exercises that we come up with and cop some stick from the peanut gallery. They say the exercises are garbage and do not really work the muscle. Naturally these people have never given them a go, but that does not stop them giving it to us with both barrells!

So when it comes to the Spud Upper Body Sled Strap used in conjunction with any of the Powertec Leverge Presses – LeverGym, Multi System or Multi Press – I knew it worked because I was using it all the time. Once the boys tried it, they were hooked too. Just to triple check, I got Mr Universe Lee Priest to give it his seal of approval.

So I was stoked to hear from Chris that we were not the only ones! This is what Chris had to say:

Hi guys

My spud sled strap arrived today and i used it for my chest workout on my leverage gym.Wow what a workout, it takes all the stress off my shoulders and puts it on the chest. The good thing is i only need two thirds of the weight i normally use on the bench press.

My shoulders have taken a beating from thirty years of bricklaying so this form of chest work is great.The leverage gym is the best gym i have ever owned.

Thanks Chris

Now we get a lot of customers that are wanting to retro fit the iso lateral arms to their old LeverGyms and Multi Systems. Unfortunately it can not be done on the LeverGym as they had to make changes to the frame.

But as I say to these customers, I am still running a 2008 WB-LS Leverage Gym in our gym at work. One of the reasons why I am not upgrading to an iso lateral model is because of this very exercise. I have got so used to training on the one piece arm, I don’t think I could part with it. Plus I know, if I want to make the exercise more challenging I just put on the Spud Strap and it isolates the chest perfectly.

There are loads of other uses for the Sled Strap that I will share when I get a chance. But they are great to play around with, especially for the intended purpose which is sled pulling!