Why Force USA Leverage Gyms are cheaper than Powertec

Initially I was really annoyed when I saw these cheap copies come out, but after hearing feedback from our customers we do not have a lot to worry about. I have had a good look at pictures of the Force USA Leverage Gyms on the internet and I was going to list some of the corners they have cut with these inferior gyms. But as they say if you can’t say anything positive don’t say anything at all. So I am going to let the genuine Powertec Leverage Gyms do all the talking,

As you can see we take the Powertec gyms to the limit and beyond. We got Australia’s bodybuilding champion Lee Priest to take the Powertec Multi System through its paces with a lazy 310kgs. What I will say about the Force USA copies though is that I could easily make more money myself by importing and selling copies of the Powertec leverage gyms. I have had five years experience with these gyms and have seen them evolve in that time. So I would have the necessary knowledge to make sure that the copy was good quality. Why do’t I do it? Australia is just a drop in the ocean when it comes to the worldwide gym equipment market. Our volumes are tiny, even more so for more expensive items like the leverage style gyms.

Powertec have their own manufacturing facilities in China and have direct control over quality. They make them in huge quantities and have over 10 years of experience on manufacturing these specific leverage gyms. Regardless of what the people say who are selling these copies, they are not the same as the Powertec gyms. They are not made on the same scale and the factories have nowhere near the experience manufacturing leverage gyms as Powertec does. I am not going to list all the possible issues small scale production can lead to – that would be speculation on my part. Personally as a consumer I prefer to spend a little extra in the knowledge that I am getting a genuine product with the necessary after sales service. I run Sam’s Fitness with the same ideals.