Paul’s Powertec Leverage Gym Review

Paul’s Powertec Leverage Gym review is the reason I got into this game. My motivation for starting this business was not about making money. I had a genuine passion for weight training and was fortunate enough to make that my livelihood.

So I genuinely get satisfaction from hearing back from customers that love their Powertec Gyms as much as I do. I can relate to Paul’s feeling of getting into the gym to play on his new toy.

Paul’s Leverage Gym Review

This what Paul had to say about his Powertec Gym –

Hi Sam and Matt, It’s Paul from Holsworthy here. You came out to my place last week and installed a Powertec Leverage Gym in my garage. I just wanted to say a big thanks to both of you for your fantastic customer service and professionalism.

Thanks also for sending out the rubber stopper so quickly for the leg extension component. I never once felt pressured to buy anything from you and it’s comforting to know there are still genuine and honest people out there in the world of customer service.

I love my new gym and can’t believe how eager I am to get home from work every night for a workout. I’ll be sure to let anyone I know looking for a home gym about Sam’s Fitness. Well done boys and best of luck with the future twins Sam.

Cheers Paul

Powertec Leverage Gym

Honest Advice

If you are thinking about a home gym but you are not sure if you want a multi gym or free weight set up just pick up the phone or come in. We can give you a detailed and honest assessment of the pros and most importantly cons of both paths. We will not pressure you one way or another. My aim is always to make sure the customer gets the best set up that will suit their needs. If our gym equipment can’t meet your needs I will tell you. I would rather not make a sale than have a dissatisfied customer.