Chris and his Home Gym in Sydney

Check out Chris’s new home gym. Being in Sydney, we set it up the other night and it is a work in progress, but both Matt and I were very impressed. The reason being there wasn’t a lot of room; it was roughly a single-car garage. But we managed to comfortably fit in all the gym equipment you need for years of training.

When you are tight on space, the Powertec LeverGym ticks all the boxes for your training requirements without eating up precious space. What will give you even more punch per inch, are the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells. They are the perfect complement to the LeverGym and are actually one of our best-selling home gym packages.

If you are wondering why Chris has added a Super Bench to the equation when we all know the LeverGym has a detachable bench, there is a very good reason. Not only does it give you the flexibility of having two benches if you are training with mates or doing some supersets, but it also gives you access to all the different attachments. In Chris’s case, they’re the chin-up attachment and dip attachment. For the price of a commercial quality power tower, you can do your chin-ups and dips, plus have a great gym bench.

Chris also decided to add the Barbarian Biceps Blaster. This is another very compact machine, plus offers dual functionality. You can use it as a normal preacher style bench and it also has a leverage arm, which will target your biceps with intense focus.

These sort of home gyms are going to be the future in both the Sydney and Melbourne markets. Even though this was in a double-car garage, half of the space will be allocated to storage. But with some clever planning and careful gear selection, you can still have for yourself an unbelievable home gym.

We have seen some absolutely amazing set-ups in single-car garages. So never think for a second that you won’t get a killer workout if that is all the space you have. Just drop us a line and let us know your training preferences, budget and space. We can put together different options for you to play around with.