ATX® Belt Squat Compact


Compact Belt Squat Machine for those who are looking to add variation to their training.


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High weight load capacity

Loadable up to 300 kgs

belt squat belt

Belt Squat Belt Included

stop and go mechanism

Easy and Safe Handling

anti slip footplate

Anti-Slip Footplate

resistance band training

Resistance Band Pegs

Two height adjustment positions

Dual Height Adjustment

Smooth lever arm

Dual Bearing Lever Arm

footplate reinforcements

Reinforced Footplate

Locking Lever

Locking Lever with Hydraulic Retraction Arm

Dual mount hooks

Quick and Easy Attachemnt


Certified and Tested Quality

Belt Squats are universally loved by any serious weight trainer. They take the pressure of your spine, elbows, shoulders and wrists while still allowing you to squat with a heavy load.
Not only that they are also quite versatile as you can hook up a bunch of different attachments to target different muscle groups:

  1. Front Squats and Good Mornigns with a front squat harness.
  2. Bent Over Rows, RDL’s, Deadlifts, Upright Rows & Shrugs with pretty much any cable attachment.
  3. Weighted Calf raises with a calf block.
  4. Split Squats
  5. Lunges.

Features of the ATX® Belt Squat Compact

1.Industrial Bearings – provide a smooth and wobble free movement.

  1. Oversized 100cm wide footplate – with anti-slip finish.
  2. Two Hooks Attachment hooks – allows you to attach any cable attachment/belt/harness in a split second.
  3. Two height adjustment positions.
  4. Full range of motion – the lever arm goes pretyt much all the way down to the footplate level.
  5. Rubber Stoppers at the bottom of the lever arm to prevent metal to metal contact.
  6. Thick Rubber Blocks- which prevent the belt squat machine from sliding.
  7. Resitance band pegs – allows you to alter the strength curve using resistance bands.
  8. Genuine 300 kgs weight load capacity.
  9. Exceptionally Compact Footprint – 157 cm deep and 100 cm wide.
  10. Including ATX® Belt Squat Belt.

Product Specifications

Weight 85 kg


Weight Load Capacity







EN 20957 I.II.IV – S


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