ATX® Lever Suede Power Belt


Save energy and time while training with the ATX® Lever Belts! ✔ Australia Wide Shipping ✔ 10cm Wide ✔ 10 Adjustment positions (per Size) ✔ 12 mm Thick

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If you’ve ever used a prong power belt, you’ll understand the struggle of fastening and loosening it. It wasn’t a very efficient or comfortable way to train, especially when you are gasping for air after a heavy set of squats.

The Lever Buckle system allows you to fasten the belt within seconds, preventing you from wasting any precious energy.

  1. 12mm thick and 10cm wide.
  2. Heavy duty lever buckle weighs approx. 500 grams!
  3. Made from natural leather (Suede).
  4. Multiple sizes available which covers trainees with waist lines from 52cm to 118cm.
  5. 10 buckle adjustment positions.
Product Code SizeAdjustable belt circumference in cm (in 2.5 cm increments)Weight including lever buckle
ATX-PB-800-SS52cm to 78cmabout 1.25kg
ATX-PB-800-MM62cm to 88cmapprox. 1.30 kg
ATX-PB-800-LL72cm to 98cmapprox. 1.39 kg
ATX-PB-800-XLXL82cm to 108cmapprox. 1.45 kg
ATX-PB-800-XXLXXL92cm to 118cmabout 1.55kg

What’s Included? ATX® Lever Suede Power Belt (ATX-PB-800), 1 x lever buckle.

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight N/A

From 1.25 kg to 1.55 kg


12 mm thick, 10 cm wide


1 x ATX? Lever Suede Power Belt




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