ATX® The Bridge Supporting Pad


Own an ATX® Rack and fancy some chest supported rows? The ATX® Prone Row Attachment can be mounted to any 600, 700, 800 series Power Rack.


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The ATX® Barbell Prone Row Pad is a must-have for any weight training enthusiast. It allows you to perform chest supported barbell/dumbbell rows, bicep curls and a ton of other dumbbell and barbell exercises in extreme comfort.

  1. The ATX® Chest Supported Row Pad features 5 adjustment positions – a horizontal seat and four angled positions.
  2. The angles can be quickly and easily changed via plug-in safety pin.
  3. Screw knob secures the pad to the rack upright.
  4. Choose the perfect height to suit your body type.
  5. The safe working load of this power rack attachment is 250kg thanks to its sturdy construction of profile steel tube and thick steel sheets.
  6. Leave it on the rack! The pad can be folded down when not in use, the included rubber stopper will prevent the attachment from slamming into your upright and damaging the paint.

Bent over barbell rows are one of the best exercises you can do for your back. It allows you to recruit far more muscle fibres by preventing you from using momentum to complete the repetition.

Due to the open design of the Bridge Supporting Pad, you can use a barbell, dumbbells or even resistance bands if you wrap them around the base of the rack (or use resistance band pegs to make your life easier).

The ATX® team also paid special attention to the stability of the supporting pad, by welding an additional locking pin to the mount housing. This combination of a screw knob and a mounting pin completely eliminates any possibility of the pad tilting/rocking.

Just like any ATX® product, the prone row rack addon has been designed and engineered in Germany and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty to back up the quality of their products.

What’s Included? ATX® The Bridge Supporting Pad (ATX-SPAD-700)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

NOT RECOMMENDED for use with squat stands. If you are planning on using this attachment with your ATX® Squat Stand, make sure that it is secure properly (Squat Stands Brace – ATX-SQS-BRA), to prevent the squat stands from tipping over.

Product Specifications

Weight 13.15 kg
Rack Series

600, 700, 800




73 x 30cm


Black with white ATX branding



Safe Working Load



5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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