Ironmaster QLDB Stand PRO


Elevate your lifting experience with the robust PRO Stand, the ultimate storage solution for Quick-Lock Dumbbells. Engineered for rapid weight changes, personalized height settings, and durable, space-efficient design, it’s an indispensable addition to your workout routine. Command your fitness space with strength and style.


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  1. Designed to hold all Ironmaster Quick-Lock Addons Kits, 2 kettlebell handles with room for more!
  2. 3 Height Adjustment Positions for Optimal Ergonomics- 660 mm, 685 mm & 711 mm.
  3. Oversized Dumbbell Changing Area – 61 cm x 61 cm.
  4. Storage Shelf Clearance – 50 cm.
  5. High Base Weight of 35 kgs.
  6. Rated for 1000 lbs (~454 kgs).
  7. Angled Dumbbell Screw Shelves for easier loading/unloading.
  8. Shelves surface features a rubber lining which prevents metal to metal contact.

Introducing the Ultimate Companion for Your Quick-Lock Dumbbells: The PRO Stand

Are you ready to redefine where and how you store your weights? The PRO Stand for Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells is not just another accessory in your gym – it’s the nerve center of your weightlifting regime.

Tailored to seamlessly accommodate every piece of your Quick-Lock equipment, this stand asserts its presence with robust construction and intelligent design, echoing the precision and strength you find on the gym floor.

Crafted For Uncompromising Strength

Much like the sinews of a seasoned weightlifter, the PRO Stand boasts a heavy-duty steel physique, ready to shoulder up to a Herculean 360 lbs. Your adjustable dumbbells have found their worthy counterpart, capable of flexing under pressure but never buckling.

The meticulous architecture prioritizes your workout flow, ensuring lightning-fast weight changes and a customization level that adapts to your personal form and technique.

Ergonomic Mastery Just Where You Need It

Experience a stand that meets your intensity head-on, allowing for adjustments even within the heat of the workout. With three height settings, the PRO Stand aligns with your posture and preferences, ensuring seamless interaction as you add a whopping 30 lbs to each dumbbell in under 20 seconds.

Ironmaster has swapped out ‘one-size-fits-all’ for a tailored experience, offering you a personalized cockpit for your lifting journey.

Durability That Stands the Test of Time

From its skeleton to the surface, every square inch of the PRO Stand champions longevity. Industrial-strength casters, steadfast screws, and resilient surfaces combine to deliver an unwavering foundation.

Navigate your workout terrain with smooth-rolling wheels, lock into your station with a step, and let the stand’s rubber attire and nylon guards provide a secure and scratch-resistant haven for your equipment.

Beyond Storage: An Epicenter of Organization

The PRO Stand transcends mere storage, offering a strategic layout that places your workout arsenal at your fingertips. From a full spread of Quick-Lock plates and add-on kits to the very nuts and bolts that hold your routine together, every tool snaps into place with military precision.

The genius is in the details: angled shelves that shave seconds off your routine, a rubber cover ensuring stability, and a designated spot for your Quick-Lock kettlebell handle.

A Colossus in Compact Armor

Commanding in capacity yet conservative in space, the PRO Stand addresses the modern athlete’s dilemma: optimizing a limited workout area. This engineering marvel accommodates extensive equipment within a svelte frame, maximizing floor real estate.

Cloaked in a sophisticated dark metallic grey, it complements your space’s aesthetics, making it an elite gear sanctuary that reflects your commitment to the craft.

Product Specifications

Weight 35 kg



Protective non slip rubber on platform

Weight Load Capacity





1 x Dumbbell Stand PRO


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