These are testimonials that have been sent to us by our customer who have been happy with their Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment. A lot of our customers are interstate so don't have the opportunity of seeing the fitness equipment before purchasing. So check these out before purchasing your gym equipment.

Duanes Compact Ironmaster Gym
Big thanks goes out to Duane for sending in a picture and detailed review of his Ironmaster gym. Duane pretty much nails what home gym life is all about. But first here is a picture of his pride and joy...Hi Sam,Attached is a photo of my gym. I have a large shed, but half of is gyprocked and makes a great man cave. I'm all about taking up as little space as possible with the gym gear. I've had the basic Ironmaster gear for years (maybe 5 yo 7 years) and its still going strong. When I had kids I bought home gym gear so I wouldn't be spending time after work at a commercial gym when the wif..
Ash and his new PT Studio Set Up
Big thanks to Ash sending in some pics of his new PT Studio set up. "Hey Sam & Matt,I have finished setting up the new kit. Here are some photos for you.Thanks heaps for the service and awesome kit, clients and I are gunna love it.Cheers guys!Ash"Often when we get Personal Trainers in the shop, they have long wishlists and it is easy for their budgets to get blown out. That is why I love Ash's set up. It is simple, very affordable but most importantly - HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. You don't need a room full of machines to be a great trainer. As a matter of fact I have seen some great train..
Cheynes Powertec Home Gym
Cheyne tagged me in a photo of his new Powertec Machine Gym a while back and I have been meaning to post it for months. What prompted me to pull the finger out was a customer who was after a complete home gym that didn't involve a power rack and barbells. The old Powertec LeverGym and a Leg Sled immediately sprang to mind. So here is Cheyne's set up....The Power Rack fan boys & girls will have their panties in a twist over this one. You can't possible get any gains without using a barbell and power rack they say. This is probably one of the greatest fallacies around. Yes free weight s..
Adams Fully Loaded Ironmaster Gym
Big thanks to Adam for sending in a pic of his fully loaded Ironmaster Gym. From what I can see he has got nearly every piece of Ironmaster gym equipment ever made!While most of us would be happy with the either an Ironmaster Half Rack Package, there are some more fussy people that would like an Ironmaster smith machine plus dumbbell gym. But Adam has splashed out and got both! The end result is one of the best Ironmaster home gyms I have ever seen. This is what Adam had to say.....Here is my Ironmaster setup!This takes up my double car garage. I'd still love to eventually put a full rack..
Daniels 2016 Powertec LeverGym
Big thanks to Daniel for sending in a pic of his home gym after his latest addition - a 2016 Powertec LeverGymDaniel scored some great machines from Craig at Fusion Fat Loss, so he has got himself a pretty awesome gym. Leg day is going to be absolutely brutal, with both the Leverage Squat and Leg Sled...
Bills Barbarian Power Cage System Gym
Big thanks goes out to Bill for sending in some pics of his Barbarian Power Cage System Gym. I have to say, that in my mind, this is close to home gym perfection.......Now before I start my usual dribble about why I think it is great, let's hear from Bill first......."Finally the rack is complete.Iv been training on it since Sat. Its one solid rack. The pulley system is smooth as. I love it.The dumbbells fit perfectly in this 3 tier rack I found. It also fits perfectly in that little corner and It can also fit another pair of 27.5kg in the future when I get one.Bill"As a simple man, who is car..
Daves Powertec Power Rack Package Gym
Big thanks to Dave for sharing his Powertec Power Rack System Package Gym.  The addition of a set of rubber hex dumbbells was certainly a nice twist to an old favouriteAs you can see the whole package fitted perfectly into Dave's space. At $3kg, and the rack only being 160cm in length, the rubber hex dumbbells are flying out the door. Never before have you been able to get a set of quality dumbbells at an affordable price.Combined with the Powertec Power Rack System, you have the perfect free weight training environment. While we are discussing the Powertec Power Rack System, I thought it..
Stuarts Powertec Garage Gym
Big thanks to Stuart for sending in some pics of his home gym. Stuart has definitely got the best of both worlds here. A killer home gym PLUS he can still park his car in the garage. Well done mate!For most of us, a lifting cage with a lat pulldown option plus a Powertec 45 degree leg press would be more than enough for a home gym. I mean it is well documented that you can do quality weight training in a power rack alone, but the lat option and leg press just gives you that added variety to boost your motivation levels.But at the back of his garage Stuart has some extra toys lurking...
Ross and his Home Gym in Tasmania
Thanks to Ross from Tassie for sending in some pics of his home gym. Tasmania is one of my favourite places on Earth, I just love the scenery. But Ross' gym certainly would drag my attention away from the beautiful country side!As you will see, Ross has a better equipped home gym than a lot of commercial gyms. He has carefully selected all the pieces so they work together.Ross has obviously got plenty of room in his shed, so he has opted to go with the single station machine route. Plus I also like the fact that he has picked some quality leg gym equipment, with the Barbarian Leg Extension/Leg..
Tysons Home Gym
Big thanks to Tyson for sending in a pic of his updated home gym. It was amazing before, but it has just gone to a whole new level with his new shed."Good Morning Sam's Fitness,I wanted to say thanks for the great quality gym equipment and not to mention the excellent service and somehow amongst all of that you manage to keep your delivery prices down. Please find attached a photo of our home gym comprised almost entirely of your Powertec products.We currently run the power cage and lat attachment, Powertec utility bench with all attachments to date as can be seen on the right, along with the ..
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