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These weight training videos are applicable to all pieces of gym equipment. They are general strength and fitness training videos that can be used by people who train in home gyms. They are handy to show how to perform exercises with correct form.

This video is Lee Priest doing barbell shrugs on the Powertec Power Rack. Please take note of the weight and form used! This is one exercise where most of us have gone overboard with too much weight. I have seen guys that are a quarter the size of Lee using 3 times as much weight. But you can see that Lee does't use a lot of weight and uses nice controlled form with a full range of motion. That was the last exercise in his shoulder routine. Stay tuned for the next workout! ..
Here is a great video of Lee Priest training rear delts in his home gym on the Powertec Leverage Pec Fly Rear Delt. This is perfect demonstration on how to perform certain isolation movements. You will notice that Lee does not go all out with ridiculous weight. Instead he is just using a weight that he can control with ease and just knocking out the repetitions. You can even hear comment about the "burn" at the end of the set. Now this machine is currently no longer in production. It has always been one of my favourite machines and has been stopped before and re..
After smashing his shoulders with 160kg shoulder presses on the Powertec Multi System, Lee moves on to his 2nd workout in his home gym delt workout.Lee moves on to a shaping exercise with some dumbbell lateral raises. Despite punching out some serious reps in the previous exercise, Lee still maintains textbook form throughout his sets. He is a machine!!!! ..
Here is the next workout in the Lee Priest Home Gym workout series. This time Lee is hitting shoulders. First exercise is leverage shoulder press on the Powertec Multi System Once you try the leverage shoulder press you will struggle going back to dumbbells and barbells. The leverage format allows you to really isolate the delts. Plus by changing grip and head position you can target different areas. On top of that you just have to throw the weight plates on and off. ..
Here is Lee Priest doing his thing on one of my favourite pieces of gym equipment - the Powertec Shape System. People incorrectly assume that you can't do cable crossovers with the Powertec Shape system because it is not as wide as the traditional machine. However as Lee demonstrates in the video you can do them easily. As a matter of fact, the exercise is more like a traditional pec fly because the resistance is coming from behind. Whereas on a wide cable crossover the resistance is coming from the side. Having the cables closer together also opens up a wide variety of e..
This is the 3rd exercise Lee performs in his home gym chest workout. Here he goes back to the Powertec Multi System and does a flat leverage bench press. You will notice that Lee does not have the bench perfectly flat. Due to the position of the leverage point when the bench is perfectly flat, the movement is more like a decline bench press. Having the bench on slight incline brings the movement into a traditional flat bench exercise - hope all that makes sense! Anyway the best way to get used to the machine is to just jump on it and get a feel for each movement. Really concentrate..
Here is Dr Ron's Power Matrix 3rd Principle demonstrated on the Powertec Multi System leverage bench press. The beauty of this type of training is that you get an intense muscular workout but without over loading the joints. You only can lift a fraction of the weight you could lift in traditional set and rep formats. As I get older I find my joints simply can't take the load they once could. You still should train heavy, but not as frequently as you did when you were younger. So these Matrix workouts are a great way to add variety to your workouts and give your joints..
This is the 2nd part of Lee Priest's chest workout filmed in his Powertec and Ironmaster home gym.Lee started out with incline bench press on the Powertec Multi Gym and moves on to the Powertec Pec Fly for a shaping movement. Note that Lee does not use crazy weights on this exercise. You can see that he is really focused on squeezing the muscle. He is operating in the higher end of the rep range, without targeting a specific number of reps. The goal is to exhaust the muscle not the ego! ..
See Lee Priest blast his chest on the Powertec Multi System doing incline bench press.The best lesson you can learn from this video is how Lee performs this exercise with perfect form. He has handling massive weight but doing full and controlled reps. If you ca't control the weight then you are using too much! This is the first video of a complete chest workout Lee does on his Powertec home gym set up. ..
Here is another one of Funk's MMA Workouts. All you need is the Ironmaster Dumbbells, Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell, ab roller and skipping rope.This workout is specifically tailored for MMA training. It incorporates 5 workout stations that are completed in 1 minute each with no rest. So that is 5 mins work, just like a MMA round. Now you are probably saying hey I have got no plans of jumping in the octagon so why do I need to train like a MMA fighter. The answer is simple. This training is highly effective and most importantly I find it enjoyable and challenging. I ca..
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