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Build a strong back with this classic gym equipment! This heavy-duty ATX® T-Bar Row has a 300kg capacity & solid steel handles for serious lifting. The T-Bar Row is an old-time favourite for building a strong back. If you want something a little more professional than a barbell jammed in a corner, the ATX® T-Row is ideal.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L = 181cm W = 78cm H = 55cm
Grade Commercial. Certified for commercial use under European Standard EN 957.
Weight 83kg
Inclusions 1 x Olympic sleeve
Weight Load Capacity 300kg
Colour Matt black
Carton Size Carton 1: 116cm x 40cm x 42cm

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Detailed Description

With a rating of 300kgs, this machine has been designed for serious lifting. It has dual bearings at the pivot point. The grips are knurled so you can chalk up for a good grip.

  1. Certified for Commercial Use by European Standards
  2. Heavy Duty - Rated for 300kgs
  3. 10 different grip variations - wide and neutral
  4. Angled footplates for perfect back isolation
  5. Non-slip rubber feet
  6. Industrial bearings
  7. Solid steel knurled handles
  8. Matt black finish.

Adjustable T-Bar Row

The handle on a t-bar row can make a world of difference. The angle and the width all impact on how much range you can get and what areas you can emphasize.

So this is the big advantage with the ATX® unit. The handle has multiple adjustments/angles. With the two different angles on the handle, plus the five adjustment widths, you will have ten different positions in total. Ranging from 18 cm to 85 cm.

adjustable t bar row machine

300 kgs load rating!

There is ample loading area to pile on the plates if you truly are a beast. But for most of us, the design elements mentioned above will mean that you won't go anywhere near the load capacity of this machine. With your back perfectly isolated, your ego might be in for a crushing blow when you can't replicate your favourite bodybuilder's lifts!

heavy duty t-bar row


Wide - makes it suitable for people of all sizes. Angled - allows you to have a better leg drive throughout the whole movement. Anti Slip - you will never have to worry about your feet skidding, the footplates come with elevated metal grooves which will never wear off!

t-bar row platform

Industrial bearings

The top-quality machine requires top quality parts. Our ATX®  T-Bar Row machine comes with industrial bearings, which provides you with smooth movement. As well as durability.

best home t bar row

Weight plates are sold separately. 

Note: The T-Bar Row comes with an Olympic sleeve for Olympic weight plates. They slide over 30mm steel horns. If you intend on using standard weight plates, the internal hole needs to be 31+mm.

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