Micks Barbarian Power Cage System Review

Here is Mick’s Barbarian Power Cage System Review. Now unlike a lot of other online businesses, we don’t make our product reviews up and always have the hard evidence to back them up. But I have to lay my cards on the table and say that this could be a little biased. Mick is a top bloke and a legend, but I do suspect he is having a BROMANCE with Francis. You can’t get the two of them off the phone and Francis is giggling like a school girl when he his on the phone to big Mick!

This is what Mick had to say about his brand new commercial power cage

Hi mate,

Barbarian Line Power Rack with Lat Attachment and FIDBench:

I have used plenty of cages in my day and this one rateswith the best of them without a second thought. If you are looking for a cagethat has zero movement, bullet proof build, easy change over, simple to setup,silent use and versatility you can’t go past this machine.

The Lat attachment is high enough to give a full range ofmotion even to some of the tall lads such as myself and is perfectly smooth andbalanced for easy movements, whether you are stacking the weights on andworking on your explosive power or keeping it light for some good isolation.

The cage has rubber covers on your J-Hooks and safetybars which make it silent while making sure you achieve full depth in yourmovements, let you run to fatigue and nonchalantly dump your weights at the endof your set. The mounting holes for your J-Hooks  and Safety Bars, unlike older models, aremuch higher in number allowing you to get a much better position on your attachments.

The Power Cage also has a run of holes along the bottomfor those who like to use bands to work on their explosive training… for anyof you who go for this machine i would highly advise giving it a go!

The dip attachments are at an excellent angle and spacingallowing comfortable use, my only issue is these are a smooth finish and coulduse a bit of grip so would advise using gloves if you are getting a good sweatup.

The Barbarian Line FID Bench is a great addition to thiscage, like the cage it is bullet proof with a weight rating up to 400kg. It hasthe perfect amount of incline/decline increments with quick and easyadjustments.

So to sum up I’d say one of the best Power Cages I’veused, if not the best. If you are thinking of buying one and want a machinethat will last you really cant go past the Barbarian Line Power Cage with Latattachment.

Thanks to all the lads at Sam’s Fitness,


What you can’t see in the picture is Australia’s best value commercial FID bench – the beastly BB-9050-2. This is the perfect compliment to a beastly power rack! You will see loads of cheap and nasty power rack and bench packages online, but they feel cheap and nasty too. If you take your training seriously and like to light up the heavy weight, you needs something fair dinkum. You just won’t enjoy your training like Mick does.

On top of that you can also have a phone BROMANCE with Francis too! Just to clear it up, although in Australia it sounds like a girls name, but in Ireland they do use it on blokes. So you might want to explain that to your missus after you get off the phone and say it was great talking to Francis.