Testimonial Powertec Leverage Gym

Previously I had joined a Gym about three years ago and started some weight training, but had no direction and did not really get any results, only lasting about twelve months.

After having three children and finding that working all day then coming home to have to shoot off to the gym my family life was suffering, and I wanted to spend time with them. The job I have also meant that I had early starts and getting up at 4am meant that getting up any early was too hard.

I started to consider a home gym and weighed up the pros and cons of purchasing one. I did a bit of research and went to a few shops that sold fitness equipment, but they all had the same type of gear. So I got onto the internet and went on to ebay where I saw the Powertec system and it was advertised under Sams Fitness. It looked pretty solid on the video that they had of it so I enquired about it.

Home Gym

About a week later I was at a private function, and I ran into a guy that I used to work with, I knew by looking at him that he did weight training, his name is Brad Turnbull from BTN Health. I asked him if he knew anything about Powertec and he had said that he had seen it and that it was more like Studio Gym Gear than a Home Gym, it was the way to go. He also said that if I decided to get one he would help me set it up and get me started on a proper programme. So I bought the gym and got a programme off Brad.

The reason I chose Brad to help me is that he has had about 16 years experience in weight training and had competed and been successful in his goals and the fact that it is his job ( BTN Health).

Weight Training and Diet
Feb 07 – May 07

First 6 weeks full body workouts three times a week, one exercise per body part.

Next 12 weeks split routine three times per week half body work outs.

My weight went from 82kgs to 87kgs, and my waist went from 98cms to 92cms.

Result was built muscle and lost body fat. My diet was basically clean eating for the first 12 weeks with high protein and low carbs for the last 6 weeks. After getting the results I got I wanted to get a bit more size so Brad put me on a bulk up diet.

June 07 – August 07

First 6 weeks full body workouts only twice a week Mon and Thurs and it was built around the 20 rep squat method, my diet was 3 meals a day plus three high cal drinks. My weight went from 87kgs to 94kgs.

Last 6 weeks full body workouts only twice a week Mon and Thurs built around power training, diets was the same as above and included 3ltrs of milk per day. My weight went from 94kgs to 100kgs.

The end result was 13kgs gained half fat and half muscle, I was able to put more mass on through the upper body with less training and high cals, would not have done this without the above programme. Goal now is to strip of fat and hold onto the mass that was developed. In the next 6 to 8 weeks my goal is to bring it down to a solid 90kgs to 92kgs with about 15% body fat.

I feel great about the results I am achieving especially being at the age of 35 plus, with the Powertec Gym and the guidance of Brad it is a winning combination. Thanks to Sam and Brad.