ATX® Multi Bench

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A German engineering masterpiece, the ATX® Multi Bench accepts a range of optional attachments whilst fitting perfectly inside your power cage.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L = 149cm W = 76cm H = 45cm to 122cm
Weight 46kg
Weight Load Capacity 400kgs
Colour Matte Black
Warranty 10 year structural warranty, 2 years on parts, 1 year on grips and pads. Warranty is for original purchaser only and does not cover commercial use.
Carton Size 142cm x 32cm x 44cm
Backrest Pad Dimensions Length- 80.5 cm, Width: Bottom - 33.5 cm, Top - 25 cm

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Detailed Description

The ATX® Multi Bench is more than just an average bench. It is an engineering masterpiece! This bench can do what no other bench can do and with bloody heavyweight.

  1. The Roller Adjustment System (RAS) ensures perfect positioning for all exercises in power cages and squat racks. Especially for shoulder pressing.
  2. Extremely stable in all bench positions. Flat, incline, decline and shoulder press.
  3. Reinforced for heavy loads when flat bench pressing - genuine 400kgs.
  4. Handle and wheels for easy maneuvering around the gym.
  5. Accommodates the range of optional bench attachments.

ATX® Multi Bench

Look, there is no denying that this is an expensive bench. However, once you understand the German mentality, you will see why these multi benches are very popular over there. The Powertec Utility Bench has similar functionality, but there is some play in certain positions. This perpetuated the Powertec bench wobble myth - which did not affect our training for years (I still use a 8-year-old Powertec bench myself).

ATX® multi fid bench

However for Germans, everything must be over-engineered, so the ATX® Multi Bench was born.

As this bench is used in numerous ATX® machines, it was given the full treatment. The Roller Adjustment System, allows you to adjust the angle of the bench by just rolling the base seat along the frame. It is very smooth - it glides on rollers that would not look out of place on a boat trailer!

Once the locking pin is engaged the bench has very little play - especially compared to other FID benches. In the flat position, there is an additional brace that flips ups so you can go your hardest on flat bench press - up to 400kgs.

But it is in shoulder press that this bench really shines. A lot of benches can't get in power cages or squat racks when upright. The rear legs hit the rear frame. The RAS simply slides the bench backwards, getting you into the perfect position.

If that is not enough, you can dock your favourite bench attachments. As I say, there aren't too many commercial FID benches that can work in all cages PLUS have optional attachments.

ATX® adjustable gym bench

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