Daniel’s Home Gym

How much gym equipment would you expect to fit into a backyard shed? Well let me tell you that Daniel doesn’t have a spare square inch in his home gym. It is chocablock full of the best that both Powertec and Ironmaster have to offer.

Daniels Home Gym

We have been dealing with Daniel for a number of years now and not only is he a terrfic bloke, but he has a passion for home gym equipment. Whenever Daniel comes in he never leaves empty handed and is always willing to let us know of his progress. Recently he sent us an email that included how he was going.

Hi fellas.

Can I post my home gym pics here for positing on your page? It’s nearly all your gear.

Also, I’ve just lost 12 kgs/13% body fat using your gear in my home. I wouldn’t mind sharing my before and after pics also. Daniel

As you can see in the photo below, Daniel has made outstanding progress. But it doesnt stop there. Here is Daniel’s update –

I’m actually half way through a second round of the same 12 week transformation program. 84.6kgs and 17% body fat today. Goal is 80kgs by 2/8/14 and 12% body fat.

Daniels Progress

Nothing gives us a buzz like seeing our customers kicking goals like Daniel. Well done mate and good luck with the new program.

Daniels Home Gym

Back to Daniels gym. As you can see in the photos attached, Daniel has a wide variety of gear that he has purchased from us. This includes the Powertec Power Rack System, Powertec Chin Dip Assist, Powertec Compact Leg Sled, Ironmaster Super Bench along with many of the Ironmaster Attachments as well as many other olympic bars and attachments he has picked up along the way.

Daniels Home Gym

It just goes to show that with abit of imagination along with a passion for gym gear, you too can change your garage, shed or spare room into a shrine to iron. Thank you for sharing with us Daniel. You have certainly shown us that you have the drive to continue working hard and getting the results you deserve. As well as having a kickass home gym.