John’s Powertec LeverGym Home Gym

John’s new Powertec LeverGym Home Gym that we set up is becoming increasingly popular in the Sydney market. When you have limited space, the LeverGym is ideal as it offers so much in a compact footprint.

sydney powertec home gym

We know this is a good set up, because we have sold three of these to John’s family/friends. These guys know that there isn’t anything that comes close to the Powertec LeverGym for functionality in this price range.

They are also ideal for setting up a home gym inside a house. If you have to train late at night or very early in the morning, the last thing you want to be doing is racking/re-racking a barbell. The LeverGym is whisper quiet – you will just have to keep the grunting down when you try and smash your PB’s!

John also got all the powertec workbench attachments to mix things up. So there will always be plenty of training variety.

So if you are tight on space don’t despair! You can still have a hot home gym in small space.